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FAQ Aion Season

Will i loose my characters on merge?

No, your account and chars will be merged to Israphel with a suffix in accountname and characternames. example: while season is running - acc: fightingbob charname: BestClericEU - after merge - acc: fightingbob_s1 charname: BestClericEU_S1

Will there be special titles, archivements, gear etc?

yes, dont expect it S1 or maybe S2. But its in work. Seasongear, archivements and titles only claimable if you are a season account/char.

How will the season server progress?

It will start with patch 1.2 on lvl 40, every 3-5 weeks the content will raise to next patch step. 1.2, 1.9, 2.1, 2.5 and so on. While the season is ongoing the rates will be dynamic adjusted to fit while moving towards merge point to make sure season players are catched up to israphel players.