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Hello Community,

we like to share the release date for "2.X Aion Assault on Balaurea" with you!

12th of August

Enjoy 1.9 until then on our live server israphel
See you in the Abyss, Daeva!

26 Jun 2022, 14:12

Hello Community,

our new trailer is now running on youtube!

10 Jun 2022, 12:18

Hello Community,

we want to show off our public terath dredgion where everyone from lvl 46+ can enter and fight alongside with its faction for high reward loot, or simply go solo =)
But be aware, the enemy is around and may cut off your way back to your saftey spot!

this dredgion can be seen as a lvl50 tiamats eye hybrid, where ground pvp is forced!

10 Jun 2022, 02:45

Hello Community!

with patch rev117 were moving from the Amsterdam location to Srasbourg server wise.

find more infos on the discord!

10 Jun 2022, 02:33

Hello Community!

Tomorrow 18.05.2022 3 PM CEST/ 1 PM UTC our Server will be updated from 1.2 (LvL40) to 1.9 (LvL50).
This Content is locked for atleast 3 months and will start in a vanilla state.
After 3 Months we talk about moving on above 2.x or when to.

from tomorrow on also new advertising round starts.

We wish you all good luck on your road to 50 and new (old) adventures


17 May 2022, 22:38