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Hello Community!

Tomorrow 18.05.2022 3 PM CEST/ 1 PM UTC our Server will be updated from 1.2 (LvL40) to 1.9 (LvL50).
This Content is locked for atleast 3 months and will start in a vanilla state.
After 3 Months we talk about moving on above 2.x or when to.

from tomorrow on also new advertising round starts.

We wish you all good luck on your road to 50 and new (old) adventures


17 May 2022, 22:38

We're on the very last step before releasing the 1.9 content. We need a few more internal tests. We wanted to deliver you a new experience tomorrow but we came to a conclusion that might be still too fast. Yet we're announcing it today so you will have it on "paper". Yes, girls and boys, we're going into the 1.9 patch on Wednesday. Prepare your energy drinks, some food and your friends. They might be interested in hopping into a patch full of content with no custom events to keep you busy.

HiveGamez squad simply wanted to wish you a great time on our server and always be sure about the one thing. We will never change and we will never hide anything from you. What we're doing here will be always the same. Our major promise will stay the same... From players for players. LVL50 1.9 release on wednesday 18.05.2022

15 May 2022, 22:28

Hello Daevas, 
our voting system is live and will reward you for voteing everyday with toll.
Currently we pay 30toll per day for voting for our server using this website:


See you soon <3

06 May 2022, 12:01

Abyss Warzone Event located in Isle Of Roots explained 

Beritra army soldiers decided to establish the permanent camp on Isle of Roots. Many Dredgions have been seen around the island and new Balaur forces constantly appearing there. They're being deployed as we speak and they're trying to conquer the entire island. That might lead to the destabilisation of this abyss region. Both Asmodian and Elyos high ranked generals decided to intervene by deploying their own forces and also asking all of the brave daevas to help with stopping the still-growing Beritra legion presence. 

Go there alone or form the parties with your friends. But even parties might not be enough for the biggest threat deployed by Beritra Legion lurking in the middle of Isle Of Roots...

Mob tiers explained [ updated with lvl 25/30 mobs as of rev 87] Tier 0 : LVL 25 and 30 Beritra legion mobs that you can farm solo Tier 1: LVL 35 Beritra legion mobs that you can farm solo. Tier 2: LVL 40 Beritra legion mobs that you should farm in parties Tier 3: Sematariux in the middle of the island but also Asmodian/Elyos generals located in corners of the island. Current drop rates of each tier : Quick note : Tier 3 monsters have 1 hour respawn time after each kill
Drop Example:

06 May 2022, 00:22

Hello Daeva,
check out our release trailer


26 Apr 2022, 22:16