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Sunday 3v3 Duel Event
18 Sep 2022, 04:06

Hello Daevas!

Today our 3v3 Event will happen at 20:00 CEST, if you want to participate grab your mate's and sign up!

1. You can use all pots and food and scrolls (NO CANDYS)
2. No DP Skills allowed
2.1 no skill reset, no dp skills, 60sec between rounds for rebuff
3. Best of 3 (win 2 times in row to advance)
4. act wild or dont show will for fair pvp and go mad on viewers on ranks or other teams (dosnt matter if flame or attack ingame, as we will have viewers), these ppl will direct imprisoned for 1h hour, dont even dare to beg then for release, gms will simply block you.not dealing with this.)

Prizes: 1st Place: 5 Plat Medals, 1Major Crown each, 20000toll 2nd Place: 3 Plat Medals , 1 Ancient Crown, 15000toll 3rd Place: 1 Plat Medal, 1 Lesser Crown. 10000toll all participatians will get atleast 500toll Location: Panium Arena
(portals will be spawned as 20min pre event)