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Instant LvL 55 for new Player Accounts on Midrate Server Israphel
07 Nov 2022, 20:16

Hey Daeva!

its time for your return to atreia with your new player account!

Every new player account will be able to advance to lvl 55 after ascension quest on his first character on the new account, one time only.

We hope to see some new faces soon on Israphel and welcome you with alot freebies in the survey.

Season server update info

Our season testserver (tiamat) is running very well and is internally tested and with players (you have public access to it) and alos running a competion that ends up with toll as reward (10k).

we do some little more adjustments and try to set for S1 start allready new archivements and planning our season gear that only can be archived while playing later on the season server (we dont know yet if it will come on S1 allready or later with S2, S3).

S1 start will be announced soon, cya soon on midrate server Israphel we hope.

Arielluma, Azphelhumbra Daeva.

Ending 14.11.2022 - Check discord #promotions for more info