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Israphel (x4)
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Season 1 (S1) will start 16.12.2022 00:15 server time (check website)
14 Dec 2022, 20:01
Hello community!

S1 will start 16.12.2022 00:15 server time!
  • - dynamic rate - re experience atreia from ground up - season inventory drop and global drop ( for dynamic rates ) - start event - catch up to israphel players before merge happens thru season event on season server - default gameplay until 2.x (terath dred will be added at 2.1 or 2.5 patch) - steady fresh start of season every 3-4 months (later as we arrive on 3.9 with Israphel) S1 is 1.2 - 2.5 - Linked toll from Main Server Israphel for Season users (same goes for reward accumulation) re- conquer atreia and defeat your enemy and the balaurs!